25 ways to keep your baby healthy and fit

25 ways to keep your baby healthy and fit
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25 ways to keep your baby healthy and fit by AloeMaa

1- Make sure your baby sleeps for a long time at night.”

2- Let your little one sleep on his back, never on the stomach or side.

3- A good diet: some scientists believe overfeeding a child may be linked to obesity. So serve him wholesome food and let him eat only when he is hungry.

4- Limit his intake of soft drinks, carbonated beverages and juices.

5- Encourage him to drink water instead of soft drinks and juices.

6- Monitor the amount of salt in his food (high salt could lead to hypertension).

7- Limit his consumption of junk foods and snacks. 

8- Let him play outdoors more often, get some fresh air and sunshine. This will also help strengthen the bones of your child.

9- Keep an eye on his body weight especially after he starts walking and going to school regularly. If he is obese, consult a doctor immediately.

10- Make sure your child sleeps with a night lamp or low light in the room to avoid going into deep sleep resulting in early morning waking. Let him go to bed late at night even if he is not sleepy so that he wakes up early without feeling drowsy during the day.

11- Give him one or two glasses of milk before going to bed. This will help your child sleep better.

12- Here is another useful tip for you. Avoid giving your child tea or coffee in the evening, because these beverages contain caffeine which tends to make a child sleepless at night.

13- If all else fails, let your child take a 20 minutes nap during the day. But make sure he does it only when absolutely necessary and not on a regular basis.

14- Your doctor may prescribe Melatonin (a natural supplement) to help your child sleep better.

15- Never get angry if your son wakes up early in the morning as children tend to wake up early as compared to adults. But make sure he goes back to sleep again by helping him relax and stay calm.

16- Try to encourage your child to do some strenuous physical activities during the day, because exercise tends to make a person tired and also helps in having a sound night’s sleep.

17- Last but not the least; always keep your kids’ bedroom dark, neat and free from all sorts of distractions including television.

18- Here is an easy bedtime ritual that you can follow with your child for having a good night’s sleep: Get ready for bed yourself first. Have a relaxing warm bath before going to bed. Get your child to have a warm bath too, but before you let him go to bed. It works best if you read a book together with the child in the bathtub, then again for 5 minutes after he is done with his bath. Follow it up with his favorite pajamas or clothes.

19- As kids grow older, sometimes they stay up late at night because their schedule has changed. This can often give them nightmares and make them extremely tired during school time. An easy way to fix this problem is by getting the kids to sleep early on weekends.

20- Make sure that before going off to sleep every day, your child follows an easy ritual of cleansing himself completely for the night. This might involve brushing his teeth, washing his face and hands with soap, or even wearing clean pajamas. 

21- After they are done with their nice bath, let them wear some new clothes that they’ve never worn before to bed. This will give them some extra comfort which will stop them from having nightmares.

22- Make sure that the children sleep on comfortable beds and mattresses. If you can afford it, get them a nice comfortable pillow as well so that they do not wake up in the middle of the night with neck pains or stiff necks. 

23- Comfort is important for your child’s sleep because if he wakes up feeling uncomfortable then he may not go back to sleep and he may start screaming for you. This will not only cause him unnecessary stress, but it will also wake up other children as well.

24- As far as the room goes, make sure that the air is not too hot or too cold. Again, if you can afford it then get an air conditioner or a heater depending on what the weather outside is like at night. 

25- Make sure that there are no bright lights around your child’s bed because this will affect his ability to fall asleep. You can either cover them with some covers or blinds or simply turn them off completely.

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Mrs Anu Arora is a certified yoga guru and post pregnancy fitness Expert. She is actively involved in the fitness industry from the last 15 years.  She regularly conducts live sessions and makes inspirational videos for her viewers. She writes several blog posts on fitness and emerging obesity pandemic and the solutions on the same on www.aloemaa.com

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