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My parents are my world and I love them to the moon and back. When I think of them my heart fills with gratitude. I love spending time with them, playing with them, laughing with them and ya fighting too!!!! I still wish I could tell them a few more things……..

1. Not every conversation has to be a Lesson
Sometimes we just want a friend not a judgmental elderly granny hovering over our head. If you keep judging and criticising every little move, we will stop opening up to you, not to mention the blow on our confidence. Just talk to us as a friend, our problems are very real to us, a small solution from your end might help. 

2. We are still trying to learn a lot… Acknowledge that!!
Teenagers will make mistakes. Let us make our own mistakes, learn from them and mend them. Kindly do not force your way. A small encouragement from your end will help us take independent decisions so that we do not become puppets in future. 

3. Respect Our Privacy
Our privacy is like a blanket, that keeps us whole, safe and secure. The moment you start intruding and lifting it up, we are on the edge and try to close every conversation with you. If we want to tell you something, we will surely open up, you need to trust us!! The more nosy you try to get, we will surely drift apart. 

4. Don’t Bug us, when we are upset!!
When we are ready to speak, we will tell you what is wrong. If we don’t want to, give us our time and space. Do not make fun, judge or imitate us when we are upset. We have a very sharp memory and we do recall this when it happens again. We will never share. Do not assume things when we are upset, its ok to not know, we don’t expect you to know, just be there for us!!!

5. Our emotions are just as valid as yours!
We are allowed to feel an array of human emotions like crying, yelling, being in pain, heartbroken etc. DO NOT tell us to stop crying and stop labelling our issues as trivial. Our problems are very real to us. And not everything in our life is ABOUT YOU BEING A PARENT!!!!


About the Author

Anvi Vohra is a 9th grade student from K.R Mangalam World School, Gurugram. A young and bright soul with cheerful spirits. She is a super scholar, an avid reader and loves to paint and doodle. She is an active member of the school student council and worked tirelessly for NGO’s like DISHA…  Follow her for more blogs on voice of teenagers on www.aloemaa.com