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Motherhood comes with its own mixed bag of emotions; post pregnancy hair fall just adds on to the misery of new mothers. It is voted to be one of the most common reasons of post pregnancy depression. Post pregnancy fall of estrogen and progesterone are the main reasons for this hair shedding. In 60-70 percent of the cases this returns to normal within 9-12 months .
Telogen Effluvium aka post pregnancy hair fall begins around 3 months post-partum and lasts till 1 year. Hair might fall out all around your head, or clumps may come loose when you brush it or shower. Some women simply lose some strands around their hairline, so their mane looks very fine in the front. Here are few quick remedies that can be done to minimise this loss:

1. Do Not Stress
Staying stress free and calm is very important during this time. Creating panic will only add on to the misery. Hair growth will take time, increasing cortisol by taking stress will disrupt the hair growth cycle. 

2. Change your Hairstyle
Cut your hair short for easy maintenance. Use a wide toothed comb. Stop using a scrunchy, use a clutch whenever possible. 

3. Supplementation
Women tend to stop taking iron, folic acid, calcium supplements post pregnancy. This is the biggest mistake. We should continue supplements till one year, add on a biotin supplement as well. 

4. Protein rich diet
Role of protein rich diet in hair follicle proliferation cannot be underestimated. Paneer, eggs, chicken, pulses, black chana, soya etc should be included in diet. Apart from supporting the hair it also helps in breastfeeding. 

5. Deep Moisturisation
Wash your hair 2-3 times a week. Before head bath, massage your scalp with warm olive oil and vit E. Follow up with a protein rich and sulphate free shampoo. Last rinse can be given with fenugreek water for added shine. Egg mask/ papaya mask can be tried for deep hydration. 


About the Author

Dr Nidhi Gupta has completed her MD from the prestigious DY Patil University Pune. A cardio metabolic expert for 7 years with a keen interest in mother & child nutrition and hormonal imbalance. She is the co-founder of Aloemaa. Her vast experience on managing post-partum skin and nutrition issues of mothers has played a pivotal role in the inception of the brand. She writes several blog posts on the emerging nutrition and skin problem and the solutions on the same on her website  www.aloemaa.com