8 Body Acceptance Resolutions For The New Year

8 Body Acceptance Resolutions For The New Year
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If a new year is rolling around, it’s because everyone is pushing fitness and health goals on us, from detox teas to the latest exercises. It’s time for us to shift our focus and make a difference. If you’re making new year’s resolutions for this year, you should shift the focus towards body acceptance and self-love goals. While we go through the various stages of motherhood, our bodies are bound to change and it’s essential to practice showing ourselves unconditional love throughout the process.

8 Resolutions That Are Not Related To Weight Loss Or Diet

Below are 8 resolutions on all about accepting your body from Aloemaa.

1. Diversify Social Media

What we read and watch is important. It sends out messages to the subconscious about our worthiness.

It’s time to get your social media accounts in control. Don’t follow accounts that make you feel uncomfortable about your appearance. Follow accounts that you find inspiring!

Women of all shapes and sizes should be included in your feed.

2. Find Pleasure In Food

This is the year you finally feel comfortable with your eating habits. You no longer feel guilt or shame over your food choices. Healthy nutrition that is in harmony with an intuitive approach to eating.

The fact is, 95% of diets do not work and can be the first step towards developing eating disorders or disordered eating.

3. Choose A Movement You Enjoy

It’s time to devote your daily routine to appreciating our bodies rather than focusing on “results” or “awards” based on appearance. The focus should be on being mindful and being fully aware in your body. Do exercises that bring joy to your body.

Begin by learning to recognize your body’s internal signals. What is the longest you would like to exercise? What is the intensity you are most comfortable with?

The goal isn’t to shed or control weight. It’s to be grateful for your body for where it is.

4. Practice Daily Gratitude

Daily practice of gratitude helps to strengthen our focus on positive thinking. Start a gratitude journal each day.

Studies show that those that kept a gratitude diary, exercised more frequently, had fewer physical symptoms of illness and were happier about their lives in general and were more optimistic. Also, it was found that those who kept a journal would be more inclined to be successful toward the goals they had set for themselves.

 5. Experiment With A New Style  

It’s time to relax down your cloak in the closet. Stepping outside of our comfort zones might help us appreciate the body we have.

It’s essential to dress for yourself rather than for others. If you’ve always wanted to try something new, like a bright red lip, an exquisite rancher hat, or a sultry body-con dress, now is the time to do it!

Making your wardrobe more creative can help you discover your own style. If we feel comfortable with our wardrobe, we are able to dress more confidently.

6. Stop Comparing And Checking Your Body

Body checks and comparisons don’t give any useful information. It’s time to begin actively refusing to engage in these behaviors. Body checks and comparisons can indicate discontent about your body. This tends to be incorrect and self-harming. It’s time for us to get to the root of the problem.

You might consider talking with someone who can help, looking for alternatives to coping with stress in the body, and figuring out your triggers by simply seeking out help.

7. Donate Your Unwanted Clothes

It’s time to get rid of the clothes that aren’t serving you anymore.

Our bodies are made to flow and move. Contrary to what the diet industry has taught you it’s perfectly normal to experience weight fluctuations. Wearing clothes that aren’t fitting “hoping they will someday fit again” implies that you’ll be satisfied when your body has a perfect size once more.

It is time to begin buying clothes that will fit us today. The world is changing right now. We’re not in our “old body”.

Donate or sell anything that doesn’t work for you. You can also purchase something new for yourself.

8. Compliment Yourself On A Daily Basis

When was the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back? A genuine, sincere, and well-deserved praise.

Everything begins with our attitude. It’s quite simple that we can’t appreciate our body if we do not show it love.

It can be uncomfortable initially, but try to fake it until you’re at it. Make a habit of daily affirmations. Make them a habit to say them loudly or write them down on a mirror, and save them on the screen of your lock in your mobile. Try to say three nice things to yourself each day.

My advice is to be yourself and talk to yourself as you would talk to your closest friend.

Happy New Years Friends!!

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