Purified Organic Aloe Vera

What is Purified Organic aloe Vera
It is the purest form of Aloe gel which is sourced from organic farms with 800ppm concentration.
It is 95% water and 5% amino acids. It has inherent natural sugars like fructose and glucose along with number of enzymes which help in maintaining the delicate ph balance of soft and sensitive skin

Benefits of Purified Organic Aloe Vera
Anti-inflammatory: It contains long chains of essential amino acids which helps in healing. Thus promoting a healthy skin
Anti-allergic: Rich source of polyphenols and essential vitamins helps in maintaining the delicate ph balance.
Cooling and Soothing: Loaded with essential minerals and Vitamin B & C, it soothes the sensitive epidermal layer of the baby.

AloeMaa’s products with Purified Organic Aloe Vera
We use Purified organic Aloe Vera as a base ingredient in all our baby skin and hair care products.