Baby Massage Tips From Experts

Baby Massage Tips From Experts
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1. Choose a dry, warm location, preferably one with plenty of natural light.

2. Put your baby and yourself in a comfortable position. You can either sit with your back against a wall or on a couch.

3. You can sit cross-legged or with your legs stretched out in front of you. Place your infant on a dry, slightly warmed towel that has been spread across your legs.

4. Pour some oil into your palms, place one hand on the baby’s foot, and rub the oil over his legs from his ankles to thighs while staring into his eyes and speaking sweetly.

5. With both arms on his legs, run your palms from his leg to his foot, bending and pressing lightly. Before you continue upwards, gently stroke from his thigh to his feet.

6. Working from the rib cage downward, massage the belly with your entire palm and fingers in a circular motion. After that, wrap both arms around each other.

7. Move both hands along the rib cage from center to sides and back again to massage the chest.

8. Massage his face with your entire hand, lightly pressing, pushing, and circling with your thumb, then lightly trace his forehead and cheeks with your fingertips.

9. For the back, lightly rub small circles with your finger pads all over the back. Then, from the back over the buttocks to the legs and ankles, gently slip the fingertips.

10. You and your baby can enjoy many more creative touches once you’ve mastered the art of newborn massage.

Aloe Maa offers the best baby massage oil, it has helped mothers provide that same warmth, comfort, and close bonding with their babies. This practice of daily body massage with our nutrient-rich best baby body massage oil helps your newborn baby’s delicate limbs grow stronger and healthier.

How to use: Warm a few drops of Aloe Maa’s Baby Body Massage Oil in your palms by rubbing them together. Starting with the legs, massage your baby using deep, gentle strokes until oil is fully absorbed. We recommend including a 15-30 minutes massage session in your baby’s daily routine. Avoid eye area.


Benefits: Sesame oil: Helps increase the bone mineralization to improve baby’s bone density and strength; Almond oil: strengthen blood vessel and promote blood circulation; Olive oil: Aids in the absorption of minerals and nutrients by acting as a carrier; Linseed oil: With its high content of calcium and magnesium helps in healthy skeletal growth of your baby.

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