Ear Care Tips for Mommies!!!!

Ear Care Tips for Mommies!!!!
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Parenting is tough! Raising a happy and Healthy child is even tougher. New Parents often rely on the advice given by the elders of the house, friends or have the internet at their disposal. Often these advise turn out to be very harmful for the child and even lead to permanent damage. So here are some common ear problems you can encounter and how to take care of them.

Ear Wax

The first instinct of a parent that sees wax in their child’s ear is to take an ear bud and get rid of it. This often leads to blocked ears or worst damaged ear drums!

Wax is a.k.a Cerumen is secreted by the glands in the ear canal. It protects the ear from infections, water, dirt and even insects. The ears with the help of jaw movement, while talking or chewing expel it out the canal on its own and don’t require any cleaning. It is only advisable to remove it when a child experiences hearing loss or pain. Using ear buds, water, brandy, hot oil with burnt garlic or self ear cleaning instruments off the internet makes the situation worst.

Wax softening ear drops are safest to use. They can help you ease the symptoms but for complete removal you must take your child to a doctor where it can be done safely.

Ear discharge

Pus or watery discharge coming out the child’s ear is an indication of infection. It has to be evaluated by a Paediatrician or an ENT doctor. It requires urgent attention and appropriate antibiotics to stop it from spreading any further. 

The safest way of cleaning the ear discharge is again not an ear bud but you can make wicks made of cotton or tissue paper before you put the ear drops prescribed by your doctor.


Child with pain in the ear has to be looked out by the doctor but there are few things you can do to ease up the pain and make the child more comfortable till you reach the clinic. Hot fomentation with a cloth warmed over a pan/Iron or heating pads then placed over the ear for a few minutes can be done 2-3 times a day.


About the Author

Dr. Vibhavri Bhutani is an ENT consultant at Dr. Bhutani Eye & ENT clinic Delhi. She is also the co- Founder of Vedic Ritual Aromatic. She has special interest in rhinology and managing sinusitis without surgery. Her keen eye and enthusiasm make her a favorite of all parents for their child’s ENT issues. Follow this space for more blogs by Dr. Bhutani on www.aloemaa.com

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