Everything You Need to Know About Baby Skin Protection in All Seasons

Everything You Need to Know About Baby Skin Protection in All Seasons
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It’s tough to find the words to describe the sensation of touching a baby’s delicate, smooth skin. It’s as if baby skin embodies all of a newborn baby’s innocence and purity.
Baby skin, on the other hand, is extraordinarily delicate and thin – over 30% thinner than adult skin. Because the skin is so thin, the blood vessels below it can be seen when your baby cries. It’s also why, when they become colder, their skin turns blue.

Because newborn skin is so sensitive to temperature changes, they require specific attention throughout the year. Because their immune systems are still developing, their skin is more susceptible to infections. With so many factors at play, it’s vital to preserve your baby’s skin at all times of the year.

Skincare for Babies in the Summer

Due to their thin skin, babies are more susceptible to sunburn. Adults who were sunburned as children are more likely to get melanoma later in life. Because the greatest cure is prevention, keep babies out of direct sunlight from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Another option to protect your baby from sunburn is to use a baby-safe physical sunscreen.

AloeMaa Baby Body Lotion provides long-lasting hydration and promotes growth of healthy skin cells. Enriched with Shea and Murumuru butter that deeply nourishes baby’s delicate skin and protects against radiations.

When outside, you should clothe your kid lightly in natural fibres and wear a hat. Cleaning takes more time and effort in the summer since the amount of dust and grime is much higher. However, strong soaps that dry up the baby’s skin should be avoided.

Aloe Maa’s nourishing Aloe bath Baby Body Wash with organic Aloe vera gently cleanses your baby’s sensitive skin leaving it soft, radiant and supple. Soothing properties of oats extract and licorice reduce the inflammation leaving the skin radiant and healthy. 

Similarly, the scalp can be kept clean and fresh with AloeMaa’s Baby No Tears Shampoo, it’s gentle hair cleanse enriched with aloe vera to retain moisture and strengthen roots. Organic white orchid and organic coconut extracts gently cleanse the scalp and nourishes the roots. A soap free formula enhanced with neem extracts and vit B5 to leave your baby’s hair shiny and strong. 

Skincare for Babies in the Monsoon

The humidity in the air rises as the monsoon approaches, resulting in a humid climate and a lot of moisture. This can cause rashes in babies, especially in the skin folds and around the diaper area. Make sure your infant is completely dry at all times, and always pat dry after a bath. For extra protection, use Aloe Maa’s nourishing Aloe Baby Body Lotion with organic Aloe vera gently protects your baby’s sensitive skin leaving it soft, radiant and supple. Soothing properties of oats extract and licorice reduce the inflammation leaving the skin radiant and healthy. It protects the baby in the monsoon’s humidity.

Skincare for Babies in the Winter

As winter approaches, the temperature drops sharply, causing a drop in humidity. The dry air dries out the skin, particularly in newborns, whose thin skin loses moisture more quickly. This is why dry skin conditions such as eczema seem to be more common in the winter season. Prevent this by keeping your baby’s skin hydrated at all times. After bathing, use Aloe Maa’s Moisturizing Baby Body Lotion to seal in the moisture and keep your baby’s skin from drying out. The face and extremities are more prone to dryness, so use Aloe Maa’s Baby Face Butter for those areas.

Massaging the baby before a bath is another approach to reduce dryness. This not only warms the baby, but it also promotes circulation in the arms and legs, as well as sleep quality. AloeMaa’s soothing Baby Body Massage Oil has helped mothers provide that same warmth, comfort, and close bonding with their babies. This practice of daily body massage with our nutrient-rich best baby body massage oil helps your newborn baby’s delicate limbs grow stronger and healthier.

The skin on the scalp is similarly affected by winter dryness, requiring regular moisturization. Dry flakes, dandruff, and itching should all be avoided with AloeMaa’s nourishing Baby Hair Massage Oil which brings the goodness of organic aloe vera, herbs, and plant extracts to provide deep nourishment to your baby’s delicate hair and scalp during winters. Massaging your baby’s hair increases blood circulation to the hair follicles and scalp, promoting the absorption of nutrients.

While being thin and sensitive can make your infant more susceptible to weather changes, there are certain advantages to being thin and sensitive. Being sensitive allows the infant to be more aware of your touch and cuddling, which promotes the baby’s emotional and physical growth. Give your infant season-appropriate skincare, and you’ll be able to enjoy those cuddles all year long.

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