How To Protect Your Children Against The Omicron Threat??

How To Protect Your Children Against The Omicron Threat??
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Novel Coronavirus has undergone various mutations and new variants are emerging day by day. Omicron is one of the highly mutated variant of Coronavirus having more than 50 mutations while having about 30 mutations on spike protein alone. It has also been labelled as “Variant of Concern” by WHO. The early observation of the mutations found in Omicron variant reveals that it is more contagious than previous variants of COVID-19, including the deadly Delta variant. However, studies and researches are underway and yet it is not clear if it causes more severe illness, or exactly how the existing COVID-19 vaccines work against it. Still the early data from South Africa suggest that vaccinated individuals have mild illness from this variant. 

As it is evident that COVID-19 has generally caused mild symptoms in very young children. But in South Africa, where the Omicron variant has now become the dominant strain, hospitalisations among children under five years of age is increasing and have become a cause of concern. This may be an indication of increased infectivity of the Variant. But the vaccines are still our best protection against severe illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19. However, in India, vaccines for younger kids are not yet approved. In view of this situation, we need to take other available steps to protect them. 

  1. To safeguard them from risk of infections, we need to make sure that every eligible family member is fully vaccinated with two doses of Anti Covid Vaccines.
  2. Guardians must ensure to follow the Covid Appropriate Behaviour practicing social distancing and limiting involvement in social gatherings.
  3. Further it is highly necessary to ensure that your child’s immune system is as strong as possible so that they can fight off all kinds of illness and is properly immunised for other diseases. 
  4. The entire family has to practice healthy habits including nutritious meals, physical activities and getting enough sleep.
  5. We need to have proper monitoring of their health and be in close contact with the child’s paediatrician.


About the Author

Dr. Sameer Bhati is the Director of Star Imaging and Path Lab, Member of Covid Vaccine Awareness Committee and Founder of Star Wellness and Care Foundation. Serving the Healthcare Sector for 21 years, he has constantly worked to curb the Shortage of Skilled Health Workers and strengthen the Health Care System of the Nation providing self-sufficiency to the young students under Skill India campaign. During the harsh COVID19 times, Dr. Bhati has delivered innovative and extensive efforts in Covid testing, Managing COVID booths & home collection facilities, developing targeted plans to support homeless people, covid patients & their family members, Helping Government authorities in implementation of Covid norms and constantly working to Promote Universal Acceptance to Covid Vaccination and remove Vaccine Hesitancy. And founder of star. He writes several blog posts on the emerging covid related and other health issues in children on website

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