Make Your Baby’s Bath Time Refreshing

Make Your Baby’s Bath Time Refreshing
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Bath time with your infant is a fun-filled way to bond. However, not all babies enjoy splashing around in the water. A few babies are prone to anxiety. The very first step is to ensure that your infant is at ease and content. Starting the bathing process on a fun note will make it easier to handle your tiny, wriggly baby. Place your baby in your arms and softly float her around in the water for a few minutes. Allow her to feel the water by paddling her legs. This will help her prepare for the bath by putting her in a good mood. If you want to make the most of your baby’s bath time, consider the following three suggestions:

1. Use your voice to calm your child

As you sprinkle water on your baby, smile, coo, and talk to her. Make eye contact with her in all situations, since this will calm and soothe her. Begin by gently cleaning only your face and neck, then work your way down to your hands, tummy, and feet. Humming a tune or telling her a story is a great way to get your baby to listen to your voice. The idea is to talk to your infant all the time. This will put her in a good mood and help you communicate with her better.

2. Bubble excitement with baby body wash

Bubbles are a favorite toy for babies. To make a delightful bubble bath, use a soothing baby body wash and move up foam in your baby’s tub. This is especially enjoyable in the summer because it is a great way to cool off your baby. To control prickly heat rashes and excessive sweating, choose a refreshing baby body wash featuring natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Oat extracts and Neem.

3. Having a good time with music and toys

To stimulate sensory development, turn bath time into engaging play time. Toys such as a small rubber material or an animal-shaped noisy toy can be used. When babies play with these squeeze toys, they learn to control their fingers and hands. Playing relaxing music or your baby’s favorite rhyme in the background can also make for an enjoyable experience.

With the correct planning and products, bath time for your infant can be a relaxing and pleasurable experience. Some new mothers are hesitant to bathe their babies in a tub. If you want to bathe your baby while holding her in your lap, make sure you have everything you’ll need nearby.

Lay a towel or cotton cloth between your legs for the baby to rest on. Use a firm but soft grip. Avoid stroking the baby excessively, holding the baby too firmly, and using too hot water.

Bath time can be incorporated into the bedtime ritual to promote a healthy sleeping pattern. So that both you and your kid are happy, use soft lighting and keep the bath time brief.

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Author – Dr. Ramesh Dutta

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