Managing Toddler’s Picky Bad Eating Habits

Managing Toddler’s Picky Bad Eating Habits
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Chocolates, chips, burgers, pizzas, ice creams, biscuits, sweetened beverages, and other prepackaged food options, in other words, JUNK, are regularly fed to toddlers. Do you realize how dangerous they can be to your adorable small ones? No? Then read the following: –

1. A decrease in the overall speed

2. Potential heart problems in the future

3. Capacity to grasp information slowly

4. Insufficient physical strength

5. Aggression

6. Digestive problems

7. Dental problems

8. Allergies are number eight on the list

9. Constipation is number nine

10. Low immunity is number ten

11. Sleep disturbances

There isn’t a single positive point to be found.

I have three toddlers, each with their own food preferences and tastes. Yes, they are drawn to all of the colourfully packaged “mini-poison” surrounding them, but it is our obligation to ensure that they consume good foods.

Some helpful hints for a picky/bad eater at home:-

1. Get rid of all the junk from home. You must first quit eating them. Why don’t you ask anyone? All people must have a few chocolates and cookies at their home that only they eat when their kids are asleep or not aren’t present.

2. Begin feeding them home meals as soon as they begin solids. Give them no food from outside sources. They will gradually become accustomed to whatever you bring to them.

3. Provide a diverse diet of fruits and veggies. Permit them to choose from a list of healthy options exclusively.

4. If at all possible, avoid showing kids bad food. They’ll know it wasn’t meant for them if they find them later outside the house.

5. Set aside time each day to plan meals and have family dinners. They wouldn’t skip meals this way, and they’d learn to eat at the appropriate times.

6. Give them fruits, wheats, breads, juices, or prepared nutritious snacks other than at mealtimes, but no outside snacks.

7. Only feed them if they express an interest. Allow children to comprehend what hunger is and how only proper food, not any snack, will fulfill their appetite.

8. I don’t entirely abstain from eating snacks. When kids see others eating them when traveling or with other family members, I offer them very little. In addition, I inform them of the dangers that these snacks pose.

9. Use healthy ingredients to make biscuits, chocolates, ice cream, and pastries at home. When it comes to recipes, Google is always there to assist.

10. Don’t let your slacker attitude or hectic schedule harm their health.

11. The best food is something that is made at home.

12. Tell your extended family what you want them to feed your children and how much you want them to feed them.

13. Be a role model for your youngster. If not now, then later, they will recognize that you were correct.

14. Cheating is acceptable at times, such as at a birthday celebration or a picnic. However, make sure you understand the risks and address their dental and digestive disorders.

15. If your youngster refuses nutritious food, try different healthy food. Never mix nutritious foods with unhealthy ones. That will become second nature. Allow them to go hungry for a while so they can learn that they must consume what you’ve prepared.

16. Create a pattern and a meal chart and follow it religiously. Make them aware that this is the procedure that must be followed.

17. Sugar, baking soda, preservatives, and additives are all known to be dangerous. They are also harmful to an adult’s physique. Consider the harm they do to vulnerable children.

Making your child eat well isn’t rocket science. It’s that whatever you offer them when they’re toddlers, they’ll keep the same habits for the rest of their lives. So make a strategy, talk to a doctor or an expert, do some research, and keep your mind and body busy. You just have a few years to put in extra effort for a better future. After all, if you don’t do it, who will?

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