Oats Extracts

What is Oats Extract?
Oatmeal extracts is the name given to oats that have been ground down into a fine powder during the milling process. Once oats have been picked and dehulled, they are exposed to intense steaming to deactivate lipase enzymes to reduce the level of free fatty acids.The compounds found in all forms of oatmeal include:
Saponins – designed to absorb dirt on the skin, ideal for cleansing
Polysaccharides – which bind to skin fluids to create a protective barrier
Carbohydrates – which have hydrophilic qualities, making them perfect for moisturising
Proteins – which moisturise and emulsify, helping to create a protective barrier for your skin
Lipids and flavonoids – which have anti-oxidant qualities that help make your skin healthier.

Benefits of Oats extracts
Deep Moisturization:polysaccharides of oats extract create a moisture rich barrier for deep moisturization
Anti-inflammatory & Anti allergic: A long chain of essential polyphenols and phytochemicals help in soothing sensitive skin
Anti-bacterial: Saponins and prebiotics help fight the free radical damage for a smooth and clean skin.

AloeMaa’s products with Oats extracts
AloeMaa Baby Body Wash: Its Antiallergic and moisture retaining properties make it an excellent cleanser for long lasting hydration and protection