Sleep Regressions: Everything You Need to Know

Sleep Regressions: Everything You Need to Know
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Your baby has been sleeping like an angel over the last month. They sleep effortlessly and are easy to get up and wake up to feed. But suddenly they start to fight with the bedtime clock screaming for hours and will not sleep for more than 30 mins. What’s the matter with this? The worst part is that they’ve most likely experienced a sleeping regression. The positive side? They’re only for a few weeks. A few nights of unrest nights seems like a lifetime. But it’s important to remember that they’ll pass and that you’ll get through them. So, what exactly are sleep regressions? What is the cause? What are the best strategies to keep sleep regressions at bay? Let’s get started on these questions.

What are Sleep Regressions and Why Do They Happen?

It’s as accurate as they sound.. Sleep regression happens when a baby goes from being able to sleep well but has trouble getting up or staying asleep.

What Causes a Sleep Regression?

It doesn’t matter if you’re developing a new skill or having separation anxiety, the development of leaps are a significant cause of sleep regressions among infants. It’s possible for your baby to suffer from four or more regressions in the first year of their life at four-six, eight, and 12 months. Each of them is involved in their child’s development.

Other factors that could be causing your baby’s sleep regressions include: 

  • Changes in the schedule, such as the start of daycare
  • Illness While Traveling
  • Illness
  • Teething

What Symptoms Indicate a Sleep Regression?

Like adults, babies may have “off” nights when it is time to sleep. Perhaps their stomachs are upset or they hear a sound that keeps them awake. These aren’t considered to be regressions, particularly in the case of in the course of a night here and there. Sleep regressions last for a long time and can last for two to four weeks. Here are some of the signs of sleep regression :

  • Crying when placed down to bed
  • Trouble sleeping
  • A frequent awakening all night
  • Short napping
  • More agitation

Can you Prevent Sleep Regressions?

It is a common concern for parents. However, the truth is that it is not possible to stay clear of sleep regressions. Because they are the product of physical and mental development, this is the case. But, the personality of your child may affect the degree of minimal or severe to which they are. It is possible to notice significant variations in the severity of sleep regression between your children from one child to the other. It is a truly individual experience.

How to Stay Alert During Sleep Regressions

It’s critical to understand when and why your kid has sleep regressions in order to overcome them. When these happen your child will require additional love, understanding and patience. Here are some things that you could do in order to help them get through these issues in one piece:

  • Don’t allow your child to become tired, and be strict about the time for napping and times for bedtimes
  • Give them extra affection and cuddles
  • Make sure you stick to your routine for bedtime or create one if it’s not already in place.
  • Think about a sleep-training program.
  • Try a few healthy sleeping practices

Regressions to sleep can be extremely difficult even for parents who are on top of their game. Being prepared, knowing the basics, and having a plan of action can make the process slightly easier to navigate through.

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